Why is Booneo different from other tokenization platforms?

Today, all tokenization platforms offer, for a few euros, to invest in real estate through digital fractionalization. However, in reality, they only fractionate shares of companies holding one or more assets or debt backed by a real estate project. BOONEO is the first tokenization platform to offer a fractional investment in 'Peer to Asset'. This means that it is possible, with BOONEO, to invest without any parasitic interposition structure between you and the asset.

With which cryptocurrency can I invest?

Can I invest in euros?

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Where is my investment located after it has been made?

Is Booneo a regulated platform?


With Booneo, am I really the owner of the asset in which I invest?

You are the sole beneficiary of the asset (pro rata based on the number of tokens you hold). The 'physical' ownership of the asset is entrusted to a third-party trust (a trustee) who administers the asset.

What guarantee does booneo's trust third party offer me?

What happens to my investment if Booneo disappears?

What return on investment do you offer?

Are your investments guaranteed?

What assets do you offer on the platform?

How are your offers selected?


How are my income and/or capital gains taxed?

In France, income and/or capital gains from the BOONEO collections are taxed at a fixed rate of 30% (Flat Tax). Disclaimer: The tax information provided is limited to France and may vary depending on individual circumstances;

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